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Trying to Conceive Her Cycle Most guys don't really have a full understanding of the female cycle, so we're just going to cover the basics. Your partner's cycle starts on the first day of her period. While every cycle is different, her period should last between 3 to 7 days. During this [...]

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A Man's Guide to Reproductive Health Laboratory Testing A comprehensive semen analysis performed in a clinical laboratory typically measures both semen and sperm quality. Not all lab tests are created equal. For accurate results, it is important to go to a lab or clinic that routinely performs semen analysis. Learn More [...]

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FAQ's Yes, the Trak App is 100% private, secure, and anonymous. For more detail please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Upon opening the Trak App,you will be walked through a series of health and lifestyle questions. This is the Trak Health Assessment. The first 20 questions must be answered [...]

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Fertility Treatments Sometimes, you need a little help conceiving. Take a look at our list of cutting edge fertility treatments. Medication is often the first defense in fertility treatments. More than just the little blue pill, these medications can help balance your hormones, regulate sperm production, and yes, help you stand [...]

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Testing Options The Trak Male Fertility System is now available! GET TRAK Check out the links below for information on other home and laboratory testing options: Trak Male Fertility Testing System "Like a Fitbit for sperm" - TechCrunch The Trak system pairs with this app for men to measure and improve reproductive health from [...]

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