When it comes to fertility, excessive sitting can be problematic for two reasons:  First, it’s difficult for you to burn calories and “get the heart pumping” when you’re sitting, which can lead to poor overall health.  Second, sitting can raise the temperature of your scrotal region and thus impair sperm production.  Remember, sperm like to be a few degrees cooler than the rest of your body.  Studies have shown that men who spend more time watching television or playing video games are more likely to have poor sperm quality.  So get up, move around, and your sperm will thank you.


In general the more you can reduce the temperature of your testicles, the better they will be able to produce sperm.  Doctors recommend “loose fitting” clothing to help promote air circulation in that area and thus keep the temperature down.  Try boxers instead of briefs, relaxed fit instead of skinny jeans, etc.


Laptops generate a lot of heat.  So despite the name, try to keep the laptop off of your lap to reduce your heat exposure.

Same goes for cell phones.  Try to keep them out of your front pants pocket when possible.  Cell phones present another potential risk due to radiation and wireless signals.  The jury is still out on this one, but some studies suggest the radiation from mobile phones can be damaging to the DNA in your sperm.

Your sperm and testicles will thank you for keeping them away from outside heat sources.  This includes things like hot tubs, saunas, seat warmers, electric blankets, long hot showers, etc.  Are you a chef?  Slaving over a hot stove or grill all day can wreak havoc on your sperm production.  Just try to be mindful of these everyday things to keep the boys cool.
While it’s good to be “defensive” and avoid excessive heat sources, it can be even better to be “offensive” and actively cool down your testicles!  You don’t necessarily need to sit in an ice bath like an NFL lineman.  We are big fans of a new product called “Snowballs Underwear” that is specially designed to allow you to routinely ice down your manhood.  Snowballs recommends cooling for a few hours a day most days of the week, and they’re gathering lots of success stories showing that their customers are able to boost their sperm scores after a month or two of use.
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